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Good Morning Saints,

First giving all praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Hallelujah!

I Pray all is well with you and your loved ones, I myself am well, God is good!

Saints Understanding Psychology is a challenging course, it is more challenging with virtual learning.
I have given you Observations focusing on critical points. Please read chapter 8 and then go over
the Observations. Don’t get stressed! Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Psychology is the study of the Psyche. Psychology it comes from two different words: Psyche-and Logos. Psyche means the study of the person and Logos means the study of the Word.

I do not expect you to remember all of the terms and or meanings noted in chapter 8 but you should know the difference between a psychologist and a Psychiatrist, last sentence on (pg.53). You should also know the six journalistic questions, The; who, what, where when, why and how.

Your homework is broken down into two segments part 1 & 2..Utilize your text book for Pt 1 and KJV Bible for part 2 Your homework will be due in two weeks, which is May 5, 2020. I am giving you time to study this chapter. Your homework is geared towards assisting you in reading the Word and teaching the Word of God. It is important that when you read the Word of God that you ask yourself the six journalistic questions, which will broaden your understanding of the text.

This is your final Homework Assignment!

On Tuesday May 5, 2020 you will be given a review of your final which will be given to you on May 12, 2020 and due back to me on May 19, 2020

Please if you have any questions and or concerns please contact me, also ensure that I have all Homework by May 19, 2020

Love and Blessings,
Sister Scavitto

Download Teaching Techniques Ch 8 Observations | Teaching Techniques Ch 8 homework Pt 1 Psychology Matching Methods | Teaching Tech Ch 8 Homework Pt 2

Good Morning Saints,

Giving all praise to God, and thanking God from who all blessings flow, Hallelujah.

I pray that you and your loved ones are well; giving thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who has enabled
me to continue with you in the study of “Teaching Techniques”. We only have a few more lessons, saints
we are almost thereSmile and I thank you for your willingness to continue this journey.

Please note as we are not in a classroom setting, you may need to improvise, if you cannot fill in the blanks on the Self Evaluation Form,(preferred) please just write out the
heading and the points. This exercise is designed to show you your strong and weak areas.
This will allow you to strengthen the areas in which you have 3pts are less. My goal is to ensure that
you do the exercise.Wink Please write out the Goal and the total Points

Example: Personal Preparation
Total score 17
Motivation of Students
Total Score 20
Total Points,,,,,,,,,,,

The second part of your homework, requiring your research efforts may require the utilization of both your Bible and Computer. Please feel free to contact me for any questions and or concerns.
Remember you are only required to select one of the 5 questions.

God Bless you and yours,Pray
Sister Scavitto

Download Teaching Techniques Chapter 7 Observations | Download Teaching Techniques Chapter 7 Homework

Hallelujah Saints,

I pray all is well with you and your loved ones!

Giving all praise to God from whom all blessings flow. Our Father our King of Kings. Amen!

Saints I have attached the homework, which can be emailed to me by Monday April 13th following the spring break of April 6 to the 12th.

May God bring to your understanding the context of Chapter 6. I have given you observations, they are broadened, do to my in-ability to teach in the classroom, however it is my hope that they will reiterate the Characteristics and the role they play in your teaching efforts. I know this is a lot of information; but student please pray prior to reading the chapter and the observations. The Holy Spirit will reveal it’s context!

I will email you your grades separately from this email.

Please contact me with any questions and or concerns; and I am pleased with your participation, and your desire to complete this course.

May God watch over you and your loved ones and may His Grace and Mercy give you courage to face each day without fear.

Love and BlessingsPray
Sis Scavitto

Download Teaching Techniques Chapter 6 Observations | Download Teaching Techniques Chapter 6 Homework

Hallelujah Saints,

I pray all is well with you and your loved ones. Please stay safe.

God is still on the throne and his Love is ever lasting! Amen

Please email me your homework, I am grading you on the effort and what you understood. so please
do the lessons in so that you will pass this class.

I have attached a True and False Worksheet
Please complete it and email it. Also please read chapter 6

I am available for your comments and or questions!
Love and blessings
Sis Scavitto

Download Teach Techniques Chp 5 Learning Statement

Good Afternoon Saints,

I pray all is well with you and your loved ones.Pray You are all in my prayers!

I have attached the observations for chapter 5 the seven laws of teaching. I tried to expound on the critical points; However if you have questions and or concerns please feel free to email me or call me. I am aware that classroom learning is more effective, but we will do what we can in order that you complete this semester. Amen!

Do the best that you can on the homework, it implies just what it says. What does the scripture say to you, what does the scripture mean and finally what does it mean to you?

I miss you all and please be safeSmile!

In Christ’s Service
Sis Scavitto

Download Teaching Techniques ch 5-7 | Download Seven laws of teaching observations