Introduction to New Life Online for Students

New Life Online uses on the Google Classroom platform. Google Classroom is a tool that helps our teachers and students efficiently manage courses. If you are new to Classroom, this page will show you around and help you complete common tasks.

Getting Started

Each New Life student will receive a New Life Gmail account (eg, This account is for school purposes only and accessing Classroom. Normal Classroom functions include communicating with teachers, completing coursework and quizzes, and joining class on Meet. You must have an active internet connection to sign in to Classroom. To get started, follow these instructions to sign in and join a class: 1) Sign in to Classroom, 2) Join your class.

Instruction: How do I sign in to Classroom? | Join a class | Email your teacher or classmates | Turn in an assignment | Join a video meeting for education | Post to the class stream | See your work for a class

Google Classroom is available for Android and Apple iOS.
Below is a video to help you learn how to use Google Classroom.