The New Life Bible Institute will be online again this year. Each graduate is asked to submit a photograph wearing their cap and gown with the tassel on the left. Please take the photo in portrait oriented from head to waist. Send the large resolution photo to See example below.

Students, faculty and guest speakers who submit videos, please follow the instructions below. (Please check back for additional instructions. Contact us with your questions.)

  • Videos must not exceed 3 minutes in length in order to keep the file size low.
  • Please record the video in landscape orientation (rather than portrait). Take a bust shot (head to chest) rather than a full-body shot.

  • Please wear your cap and gown with tassel on the right side.
  • Make sure you are well lit. Stand in front of your light source (eg, window). For a background, stand in front of a wall. Place the camera on a stand or table to keep it steady.
  • Send the video to If you have a Gmail account, you can upload the video to Google Documents and email the link to us.