In order to earn a diploma from the New Life Bible Institute, a student must successfully complete all 36 courses, which are scheduled across a three-year program (eg., freshman, junior and senior years). The New Life Bible Institute Missions and Bible Conference is a mandatory event. The 36 courses cover each book of the Old and New Testament (eg, Genesis, Revelation), major topics of systematic theology (eg, soteriology, christology, etc.), Evangelical Training Association (ETA) courses (eg, Understanding People, Sunday School), and Missions courses (eg., Modern Black Mission, World Missions), and more.

Freshman Courses – Fall Semester

NT 101 – Synoptic Gospels
The study of the Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, which records similar events that occur in each of the books concerning the life and works of our Lord Jesus Christ.

BD 111 – Basic Orientation
Before a weapon can be handled properly, one must have a knowledge of that weapon. This class introduces the student to the knowledge of God’s sword, the Word of God, the Holy Bible. This course is a study of the Bible, its origin, divisions, writers, theme, characters and its inspiration and author.

BD 113 – Bibliology
The doctrine of the study of the Bible revelation, inspiration, illumination and inerrancy of God’s Holy Word.

ME 121 – Missions I
An historical look at the origin of Missions who was first instrumental in its start, where it began, and what effect it has had on our world.

CE (TBD) The Church at Study
This course deals with the birth of the Sunday School, how instrumental it is to the growth of the local Church, and progressive methods to make it a more effective educational branch of the Church.

CE 131 – Teaching Techniques I
This course presents various techniques that can be used in teaching children, teens, young adults and adults. Class projects will also be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of various teaching techniques.

OT 141/142 – Pentateuch I & II
This course takes the student back to the Old Testament where the first five books of the Bible are studied. The course will study how the Lord Jesus Christ’s person and work is the theme and main subject of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.

Freshman Courses – Spring Semester

BB 114 – Biblical Beliefs
This course is a survey of essential teachings of the Christian Bible. These include bibliology, theology, Christology, pneumatology, anthropology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology.

NT 102 – Gospel of John
This fourth book of the New Testament gives us John the Apostle’s account of the Lord Jesus Christ’s life an earth- His Deity, miracles, death, burial and resurrection, and belief in his person and work, which is a guarantee of eternal life.

ME 122 – World Missions Today II
World Missions II is a continuation of World Missions I, with a further look at contemporary methods of Missionary work done by the Church of Christ and other agencies.

CE 132 – Teaching Techniques II
Teaching Techniques Il is a continuation of Techniques I and it’s various methods and ways of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to various age groups.

CE 332 Growing Towards Spiritual Maturity
This course is designed to help Christians grow spiritually in their faith, through the study and application of God’s word.

Junior Courses – Fall Semester

CE 231 Understanding People
This course is the third in the continuing series of Christian Education. The student is acquainted with the different types of behavior they may face as they witness to others. This course presents a practical way of ministering to the varying personalities.

EV 251 Personal Evangelism
The Lord, just before his ascension, gave a command to Christians to evangelize the world. This class is a study in various methods and techniques of witnessing to a sin-sick- world with the Gospel of Christ.

NT 201 Romans
This course is a thorough study of the book of Romans and a study in the Righteousness of God, the total depravity of man, and reveals the steps that a Holy God took to redeem and reconcile a sin-natured man back into a proper relationship with Himself.

OT 241 Old Testament History
The study of Israel from Joshua to Esther from the dividing, the captivity, and deliverance of a nation to a view of future restoration.

ME 221 Missions III – Modern Black Part I
This course examines the involvement of local churches in the Black Community, its historic beginning and sustenance, and just what progress is being made in churches to upgrade its Mission Program.

DT 215 Soteriology
This course is a study of Salvation. The student is introduced to various terms that describe the work of Redemption that our Lord Jesus Christ did to justify fallen men and to insure the redeemed of their Lord’s finished work at Calvary on the Cross, and his present work in Heaven at the right hand of God the Father.

Junior Courses – Spring Semester

NT 201 James
The New Testament book of James is one of the most practical Epistles written to the Church of Christ. This course focuses on how the student is illuminated by the Holy Spirit to how spiritual truths can become a practical reality.

EV 252 Cults
This course gives the student a historical background of major cults and their beliefs. The student will study how “to contend for the faith” against these false doctrines that blind man’s eyes to the truth of the Gospel message.

NT 202 Galatians
This course introduces the student to our liberty in Christ Jesus, and our freedom from law, legalism, works and sin. This course also emphasizes that the Christian is saved by Grace through faith plus nothing.

OT 242 Old Testament Poetry
This course is a study of the five Old Testament Poetic books and how each of them point to the Lord Jesus Christ.

ME 222 Missions IV – Modern Black Part II
A continuing look at the local church in the Black community, its history and participation in evangelizing home and foreign shores.

DT 216 Christology
A study of the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, then and only then can we truly comprehend somewhat about the love of God, and how that love caused God the Son to put on flesh and sacrifice himself as a sacrificial Lamb that was slain for the sin of unrighteous men.

Senior Courses – Fall Semester

NT 301 Hebrews
The book of Hebrews portrays the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ as being better and more effective than that of the Old Testament sacrifices, than the Levitical Priesthood, than Moses and Aaron, than the Old Covenant and the Mediatorship of Angels.

BD 313 Ecclesiology
This doctrine is the study of the Church, its beginning, its present day work and future destiny.

ME 321 Missions V
The Book of Acts shows the historical and supernatural beginning of the Church of Christ, and its continual growth from Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the earth.

OT 341 Prophecy
The student is introduced to the definition of prophecy, the types of prophecies, interpretation of prophecy and what a prophet is and how to tell false prophets from God’s prophet.

OT 343 Daniel
The Old Testament Book of Daniel reveals God’s providence for Israel, his Sovereign control over human affairs, and the prophetic coming of Jesus Christ to the world to show that He is Lord of lords and King of kings.

Senior Courses- Spring Semester

NT 302 Corinthians
A study of Paul the Apostle’s letters to the local church at Corinth, reproving, rebuking, and exhorting those Saints to heed God’s word to solve internal strife.

BD 314 Prison Epistles
This course is a study of the Pauline letter which were written while Paul was incarcerated to encourage believes to maintain the doctrinal truths reveal to Him.

GE (TBD) – General Epistles
This course is a survey of non-Pauline epistles in the New Testament.

ME 322 Missions VI
A continuing study of the Book of Acts. The historical and supernatural beginning of the Church of Christ, and its growth from Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the earth.

OT 342 Prophecy II
A continuing study of the types of prophecy, interpretation of prophecy, and what a prophet is and how to tell false prophets from God’s prophets.

OT 344 Revelation
The Book of Revelation is a study of contrast and consummation. Contrast, because of the first Adam’s failure and the second Adam’s victory. Consummation, because the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever.

Graduate Courses

Biblical Counseling
Biblical Greek
Biblical Hebrew