Grading Scale

The work of the student is graded and reported at the end of each semester. Any grade below a 60, the student will be given no credit (NC). The class must be taken again to receive credit for the course. Withheld (WH) indicates work must be completed according to the teachers instructions. No Grade Recorded (NGR) Grade not submitted.

Over 100 A+ Excellent 4.00
96 – 100 A 4.00
90 – 95 A- 3.70
86 – 89 B+ 3.30
80 – 85 B Good 3.00
77 – 79 C+ 2.30
74 – 76 C Satisfactory 2.00
70 – 73 C- 1.70
67 – 69 D+ 1.30
64 – 66 D Passing 1.00
60 – 63 D- .70

Assignments and Course work

No assignments or other course work will be accepted after the end of the semester, unless permission is given by the teacher.

Auditing and Late Registration

Students are permitted to audit courses upon permission from the registrar’s office. Registration will be closed two weeks after the beginning of semester. Registration will reopen the following semester.


A student cannot be absent more than five (5) times from any class during a semester in order to receive credit for that class. Three (3) fifteen minute lateness equals one absence. Spiritual Emphasis, Missions and Bible Conference are mandatory events.

Activities and Events

Chapel, Spiritual Emphasis Week (mandaratory), Christmas Fellowship, Missions Conference and Bible Conference (mandatory), Alumni Sponsored Retreat, Awards Luncheon, and Commencement.


Chapter services enable the student body to be united in Christian fellowship through devotion and inspiration. Announcements of importance to the students are also made during this period. Every enrolled student is required to attend chapel. These services featuring guest speakers, missionaries and faculty provide for the students spiritual development.

Conduct and Dress Code

Students attending NLBIMTS are encouraged to emulate the person and moral standards of scripture 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and are expected to dress and conduct themselves as fitting for servants of Christ and prospective servants of the Church. The dean in consolation with a special committee will address the conduct or life-style contrary to scriptural standards.


Members of the faculty, non-teaching staff or students are not permitted to solicit, sell and or promote events that are not related to New Life Bible Institute.