Books for Evangelical Training Association courses can be purchased on the ETA Bookstore. Books can also be purchased from and Consider purchasing books in electronic format (eg Kindle) as well. Below are books required for each course. Course teachers may require additional books and materials as well.

Freshman Class

New Testament: New Testament SurveyETA World *
Missions I & II: Introducing World MissionsAmazon | Barnes & Noble
Christian Ethics (2nd Semester): Christian EthicsETA World

Sunday School: Sunday School Changes EverythingAmazon
Bibliology: You & Your BibleETA World
Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity: Growing Toward Spiritual MaturityETA World
Teaching Techniques: Teaching TechniquesETA World
Biblical Beliefs (2nd semester): Biblical BeliefsETA World
Old Testament Survey Part I (2nd semester): Old Testament SurveyETA World *

Junior Class

Personal Evangelism: Training for Evangelism > WipfandStock | Amazon
Understanding People: Understanding PeopleETA World
James (2nd Semester): James > Amazon
Cults (2nd Semester): World Religions and Cults 101Amazon

Old Testament Survey Part I (2nd semester): Old Testament Survey (Part II) >  ETA World
Modern Black Missions: African-American Experience in World Mission | Kindle
The Triune God: The Triune GodETA World

Senior Class

Church History: Perspective On Church HistoryETA World
Old Testament Prophecy: Old Testament Survey (Part II) >  ETA World *

Indicates that these books will be used in future classes.