Pastoral Epistles

Pastoral Epistles- Titus

Instructor: President/Reverend William Henley
Day School Main Campus

Titus Chapter 3 Notes

1: submission and obedience to civil authorities (to place under)
cf Romans 13:1-7;1Timothy 2:1:2{intercession} 1Peter 2:13-15
{non cpmpliance Acts 4:17-20

2,3: pervasive consideration and courtesy to all mankind
remembering your past unregenerate state and way of life

4-7: God’s extension of love to us
not meritorious but work of regeneration(new birth)
Holy Spirit is the author of this inner change through Jesus Christ
justification and eternal heirs

8-15: personal charge to Titus to maintain order and discipline; final instruction and farewell

8: personal charge toTitus to maintain order and discipline

Class Notes

Charge to Titus – teach sound doctrine and speech with integrity; exhorting and rebuking with authority
Call to Christian character of aged older men and women
Establish generational and relational discipleship with younger men and women
Domestic obedience of servants with a heart as unto the Lord so as to honor God
The personal instruction of Gods grace in our life and living
As we anticipate the Second coming of Christ and reflectively consider His First coming and His substitutionary and sacrificial redemptive work